Cloaking Your Affiliate Links Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

by Adam Morgan on March 23, 2014

I’m serious when I say that link cloaking is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are two ways to do this – with GoDaddy and Pretty Link lite WordPress plugin. If you already know why you should, then skip to the how-to portion of this post.

Link cloaking is the process of hiding your affiliate links. Bryan Kerr said it best when he said, “Link cloaking is when you make a link to a third-party website appear to point to another page on your blog.”

There are 2 main reasons why you should cloak your affiliate links.

Reason #1 – People don’t want to get scammed

Because affiliate links are ugly looking, people question their legitimacy. Here’s an example of a Clickbank affiliate link: It’s not a product I’m promoting but if I wanted to cloak that link, I could cloak the link and make it look like this:

Reason #2 - Commissions can get stolen

If someone can spot out your affiliate ID in the link, then they can actually replace yours with their own. Cloaking simply eliminates this issue, as it hides your ID. :)

How can you cloak your affiliate links?

There are 2 ways to go about this – mask forwarding with a GoDaddy domain and Pretty Link Lite (free and extremely easy to use).

GoDaddy Method

You’ll need to buy a domain name. Once you’ve logged in a launched your domain, you’ll need to mask forward the domain to your affiliate URL. This process can take up to 24 hours to take effect, but I usually see it take place within an hour. When it’s setup properly, your domain name will redirect someone to your affiliate URL, but they won’t know it’s an affiliate link.

As an example, is an mask forwarded domain for my ILN URL. You won’t ever see my affiliate ID or know that it’s an affiliate link.

**If you get stuck, you can comment below, call GoDaddy support, or chat with their live representatives.

 Pretty Link Lite Method

Once you’re logged into WordPress, click on ‘Plugins’ from the left sidebar and do a search for ‘Pretty Link Lite’. All you do is take your ugly affiliate link and tell the plugin what you want the cloaked link to be. Another awesome thing about PLL is that you can see how many unique hits your links are getting. Below is an example of a cloaked link I created and how many hits it received since its creation:

pll hits

 What are you waiting for? Go cloak ALL of your affiliate links. :)


How To Fail Like A Champ

by Adam Morgan on March 20, 2014

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Failure is a loaded word. It means to not perform. It means that you did not obtain that outcome that was expected or wanted. It means to flat out NOT do something. The problem with failure is how we perceive it. To us, failure can seem like a death. There is no second chance, no rising from the ashes, no way to come back. You had your chance and blew it.

Failure can be small, like losing a level at a video game, or huge, like a marriage. As much as failures can hurt, does it mean that you are a failure? Absolutely not.

Failure is Part of Success

The biggest success stories were a culmination of failures. In fact, they are still failing. Think about the biggest corporations, the biggest success stories and the biggest people, They are considered successes, but how many times have they come out with an idea that bombed? Bad songs, awful products, money-sucking ideas – all failures. If they would have had the attitude to quit, then they would be out of business. They pull the product or write a book about the failed idea and move on. That is how a true success handles failure.

Failure Starts in Your Mind

There are generally two ways to fail. You can build up something, have it fail miserably and give up. The other option is to expect failure, go through the motions, and when it doesn’t work, nod smugly for being right. Both are within your control. Your reaction to your failure is critical to future success. Failure is something that can happen up to 90% of the time. That fact is not to depress you, but it is there to take some pressure off of you.

So many times, we think we only have one shot at the gold, and if we miss it, we’ve lost everything. In reality, that is not how success works. Imagine if basketball players got on the court for the first time, and made every shot? Not only is that highly improbable, it is not realistic. Only the players who continue to play, long after they get bored, long after everyone has gone home,  and long after logic should have sent them home are the ones more likely to succeed. More likely means just no guarantee.

Think Like a Baby

Babies have exceptional joy in living. They are in fact capable of superhuman qualities that disappear as they get older. They are unstoppable. They figure out that everyone else is walking, talking and feeding themselves – therefore, they should learn as well. No one dares tell a baby that they can’t walk. Babies also never question whether they can or can’t walk – they simply keep trying until they get it. There is no giving up – that baby WILL walk and talk. They fall down repeatedly. They wobble and waddle. Soon they are running.

What is the moral of the story? Not only should you keep trying, you should keep going even when it isn’t perfect and when you fall. If we could just take in how exceptional and talented each one of us is, we would never doubt ourselves again. Only a few really get this, and they are the ones in the spotlight.

How are you going to get in the spotlight?


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