I’ve decided to create two new categories today – time management and Q & A with Adam Morgan. One thing that I learned from Frank Kern, in his new book ‘Convert’, is that you need to show people that you care and that you listen to them.

My readers often reach out to me via email and ask me questions. You can take these questions and turn them into blog content. If you’re still struggling with topics to write about, you can ask your readers this powerful question: “What would you like to see me blog about?”

Today’s post is about time management. Bonnie Hamilton, the owner of http://www.funkidsroomdecor.com/, asks:

“Time management is a big issue for me.  Deciding which of all the aspects of running a website is the highest priority is challenging.  I also remember that you talked about spending a certain amount of time each day  educating myself is important.  There are just so many things out there to read.  Just learning to be effective is a big challenge for me.”

To answer Bonnie’s question, you just need to develop a system for how you will run your business. Perhaps it will help to show you how I manage my time throughout the day.

My priorities

  1. Maintenance (email and social media replies) 
  2. Content (could be a video, a tweet, a status, or a blog article)
  3. Promotion (getting the word out about your content)
  4. Education (videos, PDFs, blog articles, podcasts, or a book)

How much time should you spend on all of those activities?

I try to get through all of my social media replies within a 24 hour period. Reason being, is because those people have urgent questions and need help. I know what it’s like to feel completely helpless and have no one to turn to. I’ve found that people respect me more when I reply to them quickly. I encourage all bloggers to do the same thing.

As far as creating content is concerned, quality should be your main goal, not quantity. Many bloggers subscribe to the mentality that they need to blog every single day; however, I do not. Their quality suffers as they’re feeling pressured to get things published. Consistency as a blogger is going to be one of your most vital assets. Determine a writing schedule and stick to it. I would strive for at least one piece of content a week.

I used to not promote my content and that was a BIG mistake. It shouldn’t take you very long to share your content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, and StumbleUpon. This is what’s going to get people to view your content. As their viewing your content, they’re warming up to you and starting to trust you. With that relationship and trust, comes sales.

Education is like the fourth peg in a four legged stool. Without it, the stool falls. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” What does that tell you? It tells me that he wants to spend his time effectively by hacking at a tree with a sharp axe, rather than with a dull axe. I spend close 2 hours everyday on sharpening my axe. There’s a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere.

What should you be studying?

What areas of your business do you feel like you’re lacking in the most? If you want to become a better blogger, then I suggest picking up some books about blogging and writing. If you feel like you’re not getting very much traffic to your site, then you’ll want to get a book on a particular marketing strategy. I remember back when I wanted to learn how to get more views on my videos. I started buying up every book and course I could find on video marketing. It’s paid out so far, as my channel has 440 subscribers and over 100,000 views!


If you’ve found this article beneficial, please don’t be a hoarder, as Matthew Loomis says, and share this article with others. :D


How To Segment Your Email List With AWeber

by Adam Morgan on April 18, 2014

Recently I was listening to a training done by Matt Lloyd and I learned how to segment my email messages. I had heard of it before but had never actually tried it. It has doubled my open rates and clicks. I’ve enjoyed doing it so much that I’ve decided to write this post and teach you guys how to do it too.

Everything that I teach below has been done with AWeber. If you don’t already have this email marketing service, then grab it here and start your $1 trial:


What does it mean to segment your email list?

List segmenting is the process whereby you put people in groups according to the segment or group they fall into. AWeber allows you segment the people on your list in the following ways:

  • Sales and no sales
  • Clicked and did not click
  • Opens and unopened

Let’s use an example to solidify this concept. As you can see from the image below, I sent out a broadcast message on 4/11/14. It was opened 16 times, but had 0 clicks. I copied that message, created a segment for all of the people who didn’t open the message.

first broadcast message before segment

Once the segment is created, the next step I took was to send the exact same message to the segment of people who didn’t open the original message. The only difference between the two broadcasts is the subject lines. The results were astonishing. As you can see from the image below, this message was opened 18 times and received 4 clicks. It pays to segment and write better subject lines.

segment image

Now, I’m going to teach you how to segment your list with AWeber.

First step – Open the broadcast you wish to create a segment from.

Second step – Choose what you wish to segment (Opens, clicks, or sales) Looks like the image below:

opens clicks or sales
Third step – Choose between opens and unopened, clicks and did not click, opens and unopened. It looks like the image below:

opens or unopened

Fourth step – Send to these subscribers. This looks like the image below:

send to these subscribers

Fifth step – Name your segment and save your segment.

name your segment

Sixth step – Copy the broadcast message you wish to send to your newly created segment.

copy the message

Seventh step – Come up with a new subject line that you believe will get more opens.

Eighth step – Select your newly created segment from the drop down box, save your message and send.

send to segment

Hopefully this post has done a good job of teaching you list segmentation. By segmenting your list, you’ll increase the amount of opens, clicks, and sales you get from your email marketing efforts.



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